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Camping Tents Rental Uganda – Car Hire Uganda with Camping Gear

Have you been longing to go camping or hiking in Uganda? If so, I am certain you know that you will need specialized camping gear to enjoy the best possible camping experience. Thats where our Camping Tents Rental Uganda services becomes useful to you.

Without a doubt, camping is a unique experience that you should not miss when on safari in Uganda. Its something you should add to the more popular typical adventures like game drives, trekking, White Water rafting and whatever else knocks you off.

Camping offers the chance to get up close and personal with nature, making it an unforgettable experience for families planning a tour. To assist you in realizing your aspirations in the pearl of Africa, we offer self-drive car rentals together with first-rate imported camping gear that is suitable for any visitor’s travel needs and interests.

Car Rental Uganda does not rent out our camping equipment to clients who have not rented their safari cars from us. This service is exclusive to only our clients because its greatly subsidized.

What You get with our Car Rental Uganda with Camping Gear

To help you understand the quality of our camping gear, here is what you should expect with our Car Rental Uganda with Camping Gear:

A waterproof sleeping tent.

We have a large selection of camping tents for our clients. Depending on your destination and what kind of camping you plan to do, we shall select the right tent between ground tents and roof-top tents. We cant over emphasize the importance of selecting the right tent for your camping trip. With the wrong tent, everything could go wrong! Imagine you are sleeping soundly and a heavy downpour causes your tent to soak! That is a ruined memory right there! When you hire one of our many waterproof camping tents like the family tents, festival tents, mountaineering tents, weekend tents, beach shelters, backpacking tents, and pop-up tents, you will not worry about such bizarre situations that ruin the fun. You will undoubtedly have the most enjoyable and pleasant camping trip with waterproof tents.

Sleeping Bags

Camping offers guests a unique chance to engage with the natural world. Fun as it might be, you will not enjoy it if you do not wind it up with a good day’s rest. You need cozy sleeping gear that will help you fully enjoy the fresh air and the star filled skies that outdoor camping offers. Knowing this as we do, we pack your camping gear with a great sleeping bag that complements your destination’s style and temperature rating. Our previous clients have specifically taken interest in the roof-top camping tents and the backpacking bags. We are sure that you too will love either of them depending on your need.

Camping Chair

You might want to roast a fish you bought in the market when the sun goes down! Sounds great right? Whatever the feeling, most people want to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities with their loved ones. To fully enjoy this, you will need some chair to sit on. Our camper chairs are ideal for lounging by the campfire with loved ones, friends, having lunch, and engaging in a variety of other enjoyable activities. You’ll need the nicest chair for your camping trip. We know this so well so we have assorted some great chairs for your camping trip. Ok these are not the best of your garden chairs back home but we guarantee customer comfort. We surely do our best but we are awake to the fact that what works best for you might not work best for another traveler. Among the noteworthy camping chairs in our stock are the Coleman big quad chair with integrated cooler, the Helinox swivel chair, the Coleman chair perfect for backpacking, the Renetto original canopy chair, and the Alpine Mountaineering King Kong.

A Camping Storage Box

A storage container or box is essential if you’re going camping. Storage is essential, even when it’s outside. You need space and add-ons to store not just food but also other things that will come in handy throughout your camping trip. The Coleman freestanding organizer, the transport collapsible campsite Cary all, the aluminum two-shelf camping cupboard, the Mountain Smith modular hauler 2 system travel storage, the Bear Vault BV450 Solo food container, the Rubbermaid action packer, the three flat collapsible bowls with snap-on lids, the collapsible trash receptacle, the liberty nalegene jars, and many more are some of the essential camping storage units that you can choose from.

Gas Stove or Cooker with selected Kitchenware

It is customary to bring food that you will make for camping. While that is very easy, carrying a cooker from your home is not practical. Again we know that so we park a gas cylinder mounted with a cooking grill to help you make your meals while on your camping tour. Our selection of cookware and kitchenware goods includes pots, kettles, fry pans, and many more for a fully functional camp kitchen setup.

Others available Camping gear

We may also add other gears like torches, camping tables, and a cooler box. If there is any specific item of interest, do not hesitate to talk to us so we arrange for its availability.


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