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Car with Double Rooftop Rental Uganda

With our Double Roof Top Tent Car, you and your companion can travel through Uganda in elegance while sleeping off the ground and beneath the stars. Order your cheap Double Rooftop Rental Uganda for two right now!

A double roof top tent with car rental is a fantastic option that is primarily intended for outdoor enthusiasts. There is enough space for four people to sleep comfortably in two roof-top tent cars. The tourists will have a satisfying time sleeping in these upper tents, which offer a cozy and raised environment.

We provide our clients with an incredible double rooftop tent vehicle rental option in Uganda, particularly for those who are eager in experiencing the country on their own. When on a family safari in Uganda, would you like to spend a night anywhere you please? Hire a 4×4 vehicle equipped with two rooftop tents, or double tents, and embark on an exhilarating woodland excursion.

You can choose where you wish to spend the night when you rent a double rooftop automobile. All you have to do is pull over in a convenient and secure spot and set up the tents for your stay. With our full-time assistance, you maintain authority.

For simple access to the upper tent, a robust ladder is standard on the majority of double roof top tent cars. The tents are constructed from a sturdy, weather-resistant, and waterproof material.

How much does it cost to hire a car with a double rooftop tent?

Depending on the exact vehicle you like to book, the cost of renting a safari van with a double roof top tent will vary. A double roof top tent on a Land Cruiser V8/VX costs $130 per day to rent, whereas a Land Cruiser hard top model with a double roof top tent costs $144. The ideal automobiles for outdoor enthusiasts are these sturdy, four-wheel-drive vehicles.

If you plan to rent a car with double roof-top tents for more than 10 days, we shall be glad to negotiate a good discount off your rental fees.

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