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Why Hire from Car Rental Uganda

Why Hire from Car Rental Uganda

There are many car rental companies in Uganda. You certainly would be justified to ask why you should be hiring from us.

Car Rental Uganda offers a variety of 4×4 vehicles for rent that are regularly maintained and fixed by skilled mechanics to avoid road trip challenges in Uganda and neighbouring locations.

We have a great fleet management policy to ensure reliability of our fleet. Our fleet is thoroughly inspected and checked by automotive professionals before and after each journey. The team responds to any automotive concerns that arise throughout the inspection and testing process, making these vehicles perfect for road trips in East Africa.

We are among the best in Uganda car rental agencies largely because of the quality of our rental vehicles, services, and the fact that we are available 24 hours a day to accommodate and solve any client requests that may arise. All our vehicles are completely insured against hazard, and we have professionals positioned around the country to meet our clients’ demands.

Our vehicles are delivered to the airport and any other pick up location in the country where a client chooses to begin their journey. Airport pick-up is  a free complimentary for all of our customers.

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