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Self Drive to Kidepo Valley National Park

Self Drive to Kidepo

Thought of visiting Uganda in the near future? Lets bet, you most likely have Kidepo valley National Park on your to-do list! And we know why! Kidepo Valley National park is a nature-rich protected National park. No wonder you fancy a Self Drive to Kidepo Valley National Park

Not to burst your burble, Many Car rental firms in Uganda have Kidepo Valley on their barred list. This has nothing to do with the place, rather its about the road network leading there. But you are certainly in luck because with this self-drive tour to Kidepo Valley National Park, you will be able to determine whether or not to travel there. We have nothing on you if you want to brave the rough roads. Our cars will handle your self drive adventure to Kidepo valley National Park.

Self-driving to Kidepo Valley National Park begins with the decision to discover Uganda’s hard-to-reach wildlife. Kidepo is one of Uganda’s most popular tourist attractions but one that happens to be the furthest and may be the roughest! Understandably its almost on every visitor’s list of sites to see while in Uganda. Fun as it might be, many Self-Drive travelers opt out of it for the obvious rough road. If you would want to dare it, we are ready with a car that is daring enough to take you there! The self-drive to Kidepo Valley National Park will illustrate how enduring our vehicles are while giving you a story telling adventure.

Why should you self-drive to Kidepo Valley National Park?

No doubt, Kidepo Valley National Park is a top wildlife attraction in Uganda. It offers travelers a lifetime, one-of-a-kind experience with wildlife, birds, greenery, and cultural encounters. A self-drive to Kidepo Valley National Park is a combination of challenging and enjoyable.

Daring as it might sound, Its worth your every coin. We would never put up our vehicles for the rough roads if it wasn’t worth it. This trip is one of a kind in Uganda and you will live to tell this story!

Why Some Travelers Fear Going To Kidepo

Like we earlier stated above, the road to kidepo can be challenging. For a start its not paved. Some sections have really big potholes. But that’s is really nothing to worry about! In the rainy season, it can get exceedingly slippery. That’s why for good measure, we do not allow any saloon cars and any 2WD mini vans to go to Kidepo.

To go to Kidepo, we will only allow the monstrous Prado TX, The Landcruiser v8, The Safari Landcruiser and the Toyota GX Landcruiser.

You need a bit of horsepower to be able to handle the grind that Kidepo Valley National park hands out to you. Fortunately, we have all these in our fleet and you can go without worry that you will return safe and sound. May be a little dirty but you surely will return safely.

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